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The police call came at 4:00 am.

A possible burglary that turns out to be a particularly nasty murder. Sandra Deeson, the Librarian who finds the bloodied body, is deeply shaken.

Then the nightmares begin& because what the police dont know is that this is not the first time she has found a corpse.

One of Sandras colleagues is missing. The Police investigation starts and then stalls. There may be a clue in the painting someone left for Sandra  but the picture brings back memories shes tried to keep buried.

Two unidentified bodies, thirty years apart, and the only connection is Sandra herself. Last time, it cost her dearly. This time the price may be even steeper.

Image result for PAUL TREMBLINGAUTHOR INFO: Paul Trembling got into the habit of making up stories before he could read or write. Since then, he's followed a varied career path, being at various times a seaman, a missionary, a janitor and a CSI  but he's never broken the story-making habit, and has no plans to try.

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